Spanish Brothers cover

Spanish Brothers

Deborah Alcock (1835-1913)

1. Boyhood
2. The Monk's Letter
3. Sword And Cassock
4. Alcala de Henarez
5. Don Carlos Forgets Himself
6. Don Carlos Forgets Himself Still Further
7. The Desengano
8. The Muleteer
9. El Dorado Found
10. Dolores
11. The Light Enjoyed
12. The Light Divided From The Darkness
13. Seville
14. The Monks of San Isodro
15. The Great Sanbenito
16. Welcome Home
17. Disclosures
18. The Aged Monk
19. Truth and Freedom
20. The First Drop of a Thunder Shower
21. By The Guadalquivir
22. The Flood-Gates Opened
23. The Reign of Terror
24. A Gleam of Light
25. Waiting
26. Don Gonsalvo's Revenge
27. My Brother's Keeper
28. Reaping The Whirlwind
29. A Friend At Court
30. The Captive
31. Ministering Angels
32. The Valley of the Shadow of Death
33. The Other Side
34. Fray Sebastian's Trouble
35. The Eve of the Auto
36. "The Horrible and Tremendous Spectacle"
37. Something Ended and Something Begun
38. Nuera Again
39. Left Behind
40. A Satisfactory Penitent
41. More About The Penitent
42. Quiet Days
43. El Dorado Found Again
44. One prisoner Set Free
45. Triumphant
46. Is It Too Late?
47. The Dominican Prior
48. San Isodro Once More
49. Farewell

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The daughter of a minister, Deborah Alcock wrote novels on a Christian theme. The Spanish Brothers is set in the sixteenth century and deals with Protestant martyrdom during the Spanish Inquisition. Follow the fortunes of brothers Juan and Carlos as they face the trials and pressures of remaining true to their faith despite hardship, imprisonment, torture and even the agonizing deaths of those dear to them.