Audiobook: Bible (ASV) 22: Song of Solomon (version 2)

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Bible (ASV) 22: Song of Solomon (version 2)

1 - Chapters 1 to 4


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The Song of Songs (Hebrew title 砖讬专 讛砖讬专讬诐, Shir ha-Shirim), is a book of the Hebrew Bible鈥擳anakh or Old Testament鈥攐ne of the five megillot (scrolls). It is also known as the Song of Solomon or as Canticles, the latter from the shortened and anglicized Vulgate title Canticum Canticorum, "Song of Songs" in Latin. It is known as Aisma in the Septuagint, which is short for 螒喂蟽渭伪 峋蟽渭蟿蠅谓, Aisma aismat么n, "Song of Songs" in Greek.
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