Smuggler of King's Cove cover

Smuggler of King's Cove

Sylvanus Cobb, Jr (1823-1887)

1. Our Hero Makes Two Promises
2. A New Lord
3. Our Hero Meets With An Adventure
4. Dead Man's Reef
5. Old Donald's Confession
6. On Witch's Crag
7. A Specter In The Monk's Chapel
8. Lord Oakleigh
9. A Compromise
10. A Broken Hand - A Wonderful Discovery
11. In The Secret Crypt
12. An Exploring Expedition
13. A Startling Revelation
14. An Attempt At Murder
15. Consternation At The Castle
16. A Terrible Moment
17. A Surprise For All Hands
18. Margery's Revelation

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Young Percy Maitland is a naval pilot and guides his late father's brig to safety, thereby saving the ship, her crew and cargo despite being pursued by the King's excise collectors. But has his father's successor taken over the smuggling business or are Ralph Tryon's plans more sinister? And what does Percy's widowed mother know? What hold does Ralph have over her?