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Silver Box

1 - Act 1


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This is a lovely comedy about the theft of a prostitute's purse by a rich 'young man of good family. It is placed beside the theft of a silver cigarette case from the rich man's father's house by 'a poor devil', with very different repercussions. - Summary by Michele Eaton

Editor and Narrator: [Michele Eaton]( 7026 )
John Barthwick; Livens: [Steve Gough]( 7084 )
Mrs Barthwick: Kristin Gjerløw
Jack Barthwick: [davidpr]( 8808 )
Roper: Joseph Tabler
Mrs Jones: [Beth Thomas]( 6281 )
Marlow: [K. Adrian Stroet]( 10528 )
Wheeler: Sonia
Jones: Peter Tucker
Mrs Seddon: Bev J Stevens
Snow: ToddHW
A Police Magistrate: [John Burlinson]( 10396 )
An Unknown Lady: Availle
A Relieving Officer: David Olson
Swearing Clerk: Mary Kay
An Usher: Dillon McFarlane
Bald Constable: David Purdy
Clerk: MikeyHaz

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