Sign of the Cross in the Nineteenth Century cover

Sign of the Cross in the Nineteenth Century

Jean-Joseph Gaume (1802-1879)

1. Prefaces and First Letter
2. Second Letter
3. Third Letter
4. Fourth Letter
5. Fifth Letter
6. Sixth Letter
7. Seventh Letter
8. Eighth Letter
9. Ninth Letter
10. Tenth Letter
11. Eleventh Letter
12. Twelfth Letter
13. Thirteenth Letter
14. Fourteenth Letter
15. Fifteenth Letter
16. Sixteenth Letter
17. Seventeenth Letter
18. Eighteenth Letter
19. Nineteenth Letter
20. Twentieth Letter
21. Twenty-First Letter
22. Twenty-Second Letter
23. Twenty-Third Letter

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A book that examines the sign of the Cross made by Christians since the primitive church up until the 19th century. It looks at stories of miracles and the writings of the father to impress upon the reader the need to make the sign of the cross reverently and frequently.