Sign of the Broken Sword cover

Sign of the Broken Sword

G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936)

1. Part 1
2. Part 2

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    In the freezing English countryside, Father Brown leads Flambeau to the many monuments and shrines of the great General St. Claire. "Sacred to the Memory of General Sir Arthur St. Clare, Hero and Martyr, who Always Vanquished his Enemies and Always Spared Them, and Was Treacherously Slain by Them At Last. May God in Whom he Trusted both Reward and Revenge him." is the inscription that they read on each of them. Flambeau knows nothing of him but listens to the story of this man as Father Brown tells it. Was St. Claire truly a hero and martyr? What is the mystery behind his last foolish and hopeless charge against an overwhelming enemy? This detective story delves into human psychology for many of the clues to unravel the tangled threads. A fascinating story and said to be one of Chesterton's best Fr.Brown stories.


    Kim Saunders

    - The Innocence of Father Brown

    This is one of the better readers I have listened to (I also didn’t have a big problem with pronunciations) and thought the person who wrote the review should have had help with editing it before posting it, I do agree that Chesterton’s characters are more appealing to me than those I have come to know of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s. Very entertaining!


    - Same level as Holmes

    each chapter is a short story of a mystery Father Brown has solved. They will keep you guessing until the end, wonderfully written.


    Interesting stories and the reader was just fine. I suppose it's good to not know how some places are supposed to be pronounced since it didn't annoy me a bit.


    - The innocence of father brown

    Always good stories, the reader is quite good


    - Chesterton always entertaining

    The stories hold ones attention and cause one to think. The reader is a bit stilted at first but grows more comfortable


    - Audio and Story

    Enjoyable engaging stories well read.


    - audio reader

    Great story..excellent reader!


    - Good stories

    Love these stories and love Brian Roberg. I can listen to it many times. I enjoy it so much.

    Stefani C.

    - audio and story

    Great stories! Very clear narration.

    John P

    - Audio version reading

    The book itself is very well written and quite enjoyable as are many of Chesterton's books, however the reading for audio by Mr. Roberg is very stilted, mechanical and generally annoying. Had to give up on the audio.