Shadow of Victory cover

Shadow of Victory

Myrtle Reed (1874-1911)

1. The Prophecy
2. New Acquaintances
3. The Second in Command
4. Ronald's View of Marriage
5. The First Flower Of Spring
6. Cousins
7. The Alarm
8. Thoroughbreds
9. On The Fort Wayne Trail
10. A Gleam Afar
11. A June Day
12. In The North Woods
13. Gifts
14. Heart's Desire
15. Rivals
16. The Worm Turns
17. A Council of War
18. 'If I Were In Command'
19. Saved From Himself
20. Reconciliation
21. The Last Day In Fort
22. The Red Death
23. Rescue
24. The Reprieve

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This is another work by the author Myrtle Reed who is also the author of "The Spinster Book" and "Old Rose and Silver" and was a best-seller during 1903.