Secret of the Silver Car cover

Secret of the Silver Car

Wyndham Martyn (1875-1963)

1. Chapter 1 - The Puzzling Passenger
2. Chapter 2 - The Man in the Dark
3. Chapter 3 - The Beginning of the Search
4. Chapter 4 - A Lady Interrupts
5. Chapter 5 - The Man who Denied
6. Chapter 6 - Fresh Fields
7. Chapter 7 - The Sentence of Banishment
8. Chapter 8 - Count Michael Temesvar
9. Chapter 9 - Pauline
10. Chapter 10 - The Greater Game
11. Chapter 11 - Anthony Plays His Hand
12. Chapter 12 - Saint Anthony
13. Chapter 13 - Down to the Sea
14. Chapter 14 - The Cabinet Meeting
15. Chapter 15 - Anthony the Triumphant

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Before he went to join the Armed Forces in World War I France, Anthony Trent had a successfull secret 'career' as a master criminal in the USA, never caught by the police (see 'Anthony Trent, Master Criminal'). The war has just ended - but now Anthony Trent seriously fears exposure. While in the trenches, an explosion buried him alive, along with an English soldier. Thinking they would never get out alive, Anthony revealed his identity to the other soldier - just before they were rescued and separated. After recovering from his injuries, all Anthony can think about is finding the English soldier - to thank him for saving his life, but also to know whether the man will betray his big secret. His search is full of adventures, including espionage, blackmail and love.