Secret of Everyday Things cover

Secret of Everyday Things

Jean-Henri Fabre (1823-1915)

1. Thread, Pins, Needles
2. Silk, Wool, Flax and Hemp
3. Weaving, Woolen Cloth, Moths
4. Napery, Calico, Dyeing and Printing, Dyestuffs
5. Heat-Conduction, Human Habitations, Clothing
6. Ashes--Potash, Soap
7. Fire, Matches, Wood and Charcoal
8. Coal and Coal-Gas, Combustion, Heating
9. Lighting, Kerosene Oil, Glass
10. Iron, Rust, Tin-Plating, Pottery
11. Coffee, Sugar
12. Tea, Chocolate, Spices
13. Salt, Olive Oil, Double Boiler
14. Little Pests, Flies
15. The Three States of Matter, Distillation
16. Water, Vinegar
17. The Grist Mill, Bread, Other Wheat Products, Strange Uses of Starch
18. Rice, Chestnuts, Codfish
19. Air, Impure Air
20. Germs, The Atmosphere, Evaporation
21. Humidity in the Atmosphere, Rain, Snow
22. Ice, Pebbles, The Force of Steam
23. Sound, Light

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The clearness, simpicity, and charm of the great French naturalist's style are nowhere better illustrated than in this work, which in its variety of subject-matter and apt use of entertaining anecdote rivals "The Story-Book of Science," already a favorite with his readers. Such instances of antiquated usage or superseded methods as occur in these chapters of popular science easily win our indulgence because of the literary charm and warm human quality investing all that the author has to say. -- Translator (Introductory Note).