Secret Mark cover

Secret Mark

Roy J. Snell (1878-1959)

1. A Mysterious Visitor
2. Elusive Shakespeare
3. The Gargoyle
4. What the Gargoyle Might Tell
5. The Papier-Mache Lunch Box
6. "One Can Never Tell"
7. The Vanishing Portland Chart
8. What Was In the Papier-Mache Lunch Box
9. Shadowed
10. Mysteries of the Sea
11. Lucile Shares Her Secret
12. The Trial By Fire
13. In the Mystery Room at Night
14. A Strange Request
15. A Strange Journey
16. Night Visitors
17. A Battle in the Night
18. Frank Morrow Joins in the Hunt
19. Lucile Solves No Mystery
20. "That Was The Man"
21. A Theft in the Night
22. Many Mysteries
23. Inside the Lines
24. Secrets Revealed
25. Better Days

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Student Lucile Tucker works part-time at the library of the large university she attends in Chicago to help pay her tuition. One night, while closing the library for the evening, she glimpses a small child – a girl – in the stacks. Carefully following her, Lucile can’t believe her eyes when the child, unaware that she has been seen, manages to steal a valuable book from the collection and practically disappear from the library right before Lucile’s eyes. This is only the beginning of her search for why this child took this book (and others). Lucile enlists the assistance of her good friend and roommate Florence, a fellow student, to attempt to solve this mystery on her own. She can’t bear the thought of this sweet-faced child being turned over to the police despite her apparent thefts. Enter the world of these college women as they brave the city streets at night in unsavory sections of Chicago on their quest. Who is the elderly man in the crumbling cottage? What is the significance of the ‘mark’ inside the front covers of the books? Has someone been shadowing the women on their search… Listeners outside the USA: Roy J. Snell died in 1959. The author's work is still protected by copyright in places, like Europe, where copyright is author's death plus 70 years, and Australia (author's death plus 70 years for authors who died after 1955).