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School for Husbands

1 - Act 1


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In 1661 and 1662 Moliere presented the plays The School for Husbands (this one) and then The School for Wives. "The central situations of the two have much in common: the arbitrary and jealous lover to whom circumstances have given almost the authority of a husband: the simple ward rescued from physical constraint by the unfettered cunning of love." In between writing the two plays he got married. Listen to both and see if this comedic genius of the farce changed his attitude. - Summary by ToddHW and The Translator

Cast list:
Sganarelle: Nemo
Ariste, his brother: ToddHW
Valere, lover to Isabella: Peter Tucker
Ergaste, servant to Valere: Tomas Peter
A Magistrate: alanmapstone
A Notary: Zames Curran
Isabella: Sonia
Leonor, her sister: Leanne Yau
Lisette, maid to Isabella: Availle
Stage Directions: Sandra Schmit
Edited by:  ToddHW

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