Scarecrow of Oz (version 2) cover

Scarecrow of Oz (version 2)

L. Frank Baum (1856-1919)

1. The Great Whirlpool
2. The Cavern Under the Sea
3. The Ork
4. Daylight at Last
5. The Little Old Man of the Island
6. The Flight of the Midgets
7. The Bumpy Man
8. Button-Bright is Lost, and Found Again
9. The Kingdom of Jinxland
10. Pon, the Gardener's Boy
11. The Wicked King and Googly-Goo
12. The Wooden-Legged Grass-Hopper
13. Glinda the Good and the Scarecrow of Oz
14. The Frozen Heart
15. Trot Meets the Scarecrow
16. Pon Summons the King to Surrender
17. The Ork Rescues Button-Bright
18. The Scarecrow Meets an Enemy
19. The Conquest of the Witch
20. Queen Gloria
21. Dorothy, Betsy and Ozma
22. The Waterfall
23. The Land of Oz
24. The Royal Reception

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    The Scarecrow of Oz is the ninth book set in the Land of Oz written by L. Frank Baum. Published on July 16, 1915, it was Baum's personal favorite of the Oz books and tells of Cap'n Bill and Trot journeying to Oz and, with the help of the Scarecrow, overthrowing the cruel King Krewl of Jinxland.



    - P

    some read too fast, a couple were hard for me to understand, but I enjoyed the story. Will listen to more.


    - Review

    All the voice actors did a wonderful job, much better than just one person trying to do many voices while having the same tone of voice for every character, both male and female. I hate those kinds of audio books, sometimes it can work depending on the voice actor, but for me, most of the time it's better when they have more than just one.

    Riye Kim


    This book is the best book I've ever heard.


    - The scarecrow of oz

    A very good movie I'm not going to spoil the movie


    - Excellent

    The readers all did an excellent job on this story. Some of the stories I've listened to which used different readers for each character had a few readers that were very bad and made the story difficult to listen to. I think all of these readers did great. I do woah they used the same narrator for each chapter, but overall no complaints. This has been my favorite Oz book so far!


    Loved the book


    - Review

    Hmmmmmm... This was interesting how this book was narrated. There were several people who acted out each character. A bit distracting. I prefer 1 narrator per book. Thank you.