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#1 - Preface by the Author

Royal Book of Oz (version 3)

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Download Dorothy's Lonely Breakfast audio
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Download The Scarecrow Is Hailed As Emperor! audio
Download The Scarecrow Studies the Silver Island audio
Download "Save Us With Your Magic, Exalted One!" audio
Download Princess Ozma and Betsy Bobbin Talk It Over audio
Download Sir Hokus Overcometh the Giant audio
Download Dorothy and Sir Hokus Come to Fix City audio
Download Dancing Beds and the Road That Unrolled audio
Download Sons and Grandsons Greet the Scarecrow audio
Download The Three Princes Plot to Undo the Emperor audio
Download Dorothy and Her Guardians Meet New Friends audio
Download Doubty and Camy Vanish Into Space audio
Download Dorothy Finds the Scarecrow! audio
Download Planning to Fly From the Silver Island audio
Download Dorothy Upsets the Ceremony of the Island audio
Download The Escape From the Silver Island audio
Download The Flight of the Parasol audio
Download Safe at Last in the Land of Oz audio
Download Homeward Bound to the Emerald City audio

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"Of course, we all knew the Scarecrow was a very fine fellow, but surely we never guessed he ascended from an emperor. Most of us descend from our ancestors, but the Scarecrow really ASCENDED. The Scarecrow had a most exciting and adventurous time on the Silver Isle and Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion just ran out of one adventure into another trying to rescue him. They made some charming new friends in their travels—Sir Hokus of Pokes, the Doubtful Dromedary, and the Comfortable Camel. You'll find them very unusual and likable. They have the same peculiar, delightful and informal natures that we love in all the queer Oz people." From the introduction. When Frank Baum died, he left notes for the next book in the Oz series and they were used to write this delightful story. - Summary by Introduction and Phil Chenevert

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