Return of Sherlock Holmes (Version 3) cover

Return of Sherlock Holmes (Version 3)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)

1. The Adventure of the Empty House
2. The Adventure of the Norwood Builder
3. The Adventure of the Dancing Men
4. The Adventure of the Solitary Bicyclist
5. The Adventure of the Priory School Part 1
6. The Adventure of the Priory School Part 2
7. The Adventure of Black Peter
8. The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton
9. The Adventure of the Six Napoleons
10. The Adventure of The Three Students
11. The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez
12. The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter
13. The Adventure of the Abbey Grange
14. The Adventure of the Second Stain

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    The book was first published in February 1905 by McClure, Phillips & Co. (New York) then on March 7, 1905 by Georges Newnes, Ltd. (London) and was the first Holmes collection since 1893, when Holmes had "died" in The Final Problem. Having published The Hound of the Baskervilles in 1901–1902 (setting it before Holmes' death) Doyle came under intense pressure to revive his famous character. The first story is set in 1894 and has Holmes returning in London and explaining the period from 1891–94, a period called "The Great Hiatus" by Sherlockian enthusiasts. Also of note is Watson's statement in the last story of the cycle that Holmes has retired, and forbids him to publish any more stories.


    - Narration

    Its good, its plesent to hear and easy to understand.


    Muito obrigada!! Ajudará muito em meu inglÊs pois a narrativa é muito clara, gostosa de ouvir!!!

    Joshua Holzkamper

    - Narration

    I love the narration. It is fantastic. Thank you all.

    Mary Griffith

    - Narration

    Narrators throughout are easy to understand and emphasize appropriately which makes stories exciting.

    Mary Griffith

    - Love Holmes

    Book is well read. Plot is solid as Holmes never disappoints.


    22nd January 2018 - Return of Sherlock Holmes, chapter 9. (Adventure of the Priory School). I love listening to the podcasts, but occasionally it is spoilt by the narrator. In this instance, I found her hard to listen to. Her reading sounded as though she was reading a list, with little intonation, so that it was difficult to know when the characters were speaking, or she was just reading. Also not even a subtle difference between characters. Part 1 was the worst. In part 2, she sounded as though she couldn't wait to finish! What a pity.


    - Why a woman reading the book

    I couldn't get into this because a woman was reading the book it needs to be a man with an English accent


    - Bgirl

    I wish we can read mattybraps' s books on here.From a phone.:'(


    Good readers throughout with no heavy accents.


    - Love this

    Good as always!