Red Window cover

Red Window

Fergus Hume (1859-1932)

1. Comrades
2. Sir Simon Gore
3. The Will
4. A Strange Adventure
5. Lost in the Darkness
6. A Maiden Gentlewoman
7. Bernard's Friends
8. Bernard's Enemies
9. At Cove Castle
10. A Statement of the Case
11. Mrs. Gilroy's Past
12. The New Page
13. A Consultation
14. Love in Exile
15. The Past of Alice
16. The Unexpected
17. The Diary
18. Tolomeo's Story
19. Plots and Counterplots
20. A Confession
21. Young Judas
22. The Truth
23. A Year Later

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Two former school friends, now both military men, meet again and discover both are trying to lose themselves to public gaze. Dick West has inherited the family estate, but is out of favor. "The Red Window" was used during periods of civil unrest to warn cavaliers of danger. Now, West awaits a message in the red window from his cousin, to say his grandfather has relented and forgiven him - but a handkerchief around the old man's neck complicates matters.