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#1 - Home Again

Red Runners

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This Is one of the Hawkins series and a right good one at that! Big boys and little boys, manly and "yellow", all these figure in the adventures which are recounted and the reader is quite breathless by the time he has taken part even vicariously in the numerous pranks and serious experiences. Good wholesome lessons are taught also as when the bully of the group comes to realize some of the big things of life just before he is called to the larger life beyond this one A real boys book but girls will like It also. (Bookseller and Stationer 1923)

Seckatary Hawkins, a fat boy with a cowlick hairdo, records daily minutes of the adventures of a remarkably organized group of boys. The group of ten or so boys (some boys rotated in and out of the club) have their own clubhouse on the river bank, complete with a stove for heat, a telephone, and even an organ for the required singing practice.

While never the president of the club, Seckatary Hawkins is clearly the smartest member and the leader. He is regularly called upon by the books' few adult characters and many of the youthful ones to solve various mysteries and to keep the river bank safe. (Adapted from Wikipedia)

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