The Red House Mystery cover

The Red House Mystery

A. A. Milne (1882-1956)

1. 01 – Mrs. Stevens is Frightened
2. 02 – Mr. Gillingham Gets Out at the Wrong Station
3. 03 – Two Men and a Body
4. 04 – The Brother From Australia
5. 05 – Mr. Gillingham Chooses a New Profession
6. 06 – Outside or Inside?
7. 07 – Portrait of a Gentleman
8. 08 – Do You Follow Me Watson?
9. 09 – Possibilities of a Croquet Set
10. 10 – Mr. Gillingham Talks Nonsense
11. 11 – The Reverend Theodore Ussher
12. 12 – The Shadow on the Wall
13. 13 – The Open Window
14. 14 – Mr. Beverley Qualifies for the Stage
15. 15 – Mrs. Norbury Confides in Dear Mr. Gillingham
16. 16 – Getting Ready for the Night
17. 17 – Mr. Beverley Takes the Water
18. 18 – Guess-work
19. 19 – The Inquest
20. 20 – Mr. Beverley is Tactful
21. 21 – Cayley’s Apology
22. 22 – Mr. Beverley Moves On

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The Red House Mystery is a novel by A. A. Milne about the mysterious death of Robert Ablett inside the house of his brother, Mark Ablett while there was a party taking place. It’s a whodunit novel with a simple story that's skilfully told. Milne is best known for his works about Winnie the Pooh, but before he became famous for telling stories about this teddy bear, he also garnered praise for “The Red House Mystery.” The novel was set during a house party in the mansion home of Mark Ablett known as the “red house.” Mark had many guests in the party including a widow and his daughter, an actress and a young man named Bill. While the party was going on, Mark’s long-lost brother Robert arrived in the house and shortly after was found dead. Then suddenly the guests noticed that Mark had disappeared. Anthony Gillingham, a very interesting man who just went to the house to call on his friend Bill acted as the “investigator” to the crime. The two “detectives,” Antony and Bill went on to “investigate” the crime and find out who committed it. It will be up to the readers to categorize who among them is Watson and who is Holmes. Milne did an excellent work of telling the story in a very light and entertaining way. Readers will like this book not because of originality or a complicated plot that’s found in other mystery novels. They’ll enjoy reading it because of the interesting characters and the humour contained in the story. This is a good read for people who are looking for a mystery novel that’s a light hearted enjoyable book to read.


Maria G

- The Red House Mystery

What a delight! The creator or Winnie the Pooh is a wonderful mystery writer. And the reader is top notch, too! A great combination. Highly recommend!


- The Red House Mystery

Excellent reading. I chose this book for my aunt as her first audio book experience. She loved it - particularly because the voice is measured and easy to listen to, as well adding variation of tone etc for characters. Many readers are too fast or breathy for older or hearing impaired listeners.


- The Red House mystery

Love mystery books so much. Especially this one.


As has been said, it's a light-hearted mystery. I was extremely surprised to know A.A.Milne wrote something other than children's books. The narrator was good except "Bill" was given a rather girlish voice even for being read by a female.

Linda - 16 June 2017

- The Red House Mystery

Very enjoyable. Well read.


- The Red House Mystery

Thoroughly enjoyed this, and the person reading the story was excellent. What a shame that A A Milne wasn't such a prolific writer of Mystery Stories as Agatha Cristie, as I thoroughly enjoyed his style of writing.

Diane 4/9/16

- The red house.mystery

Very well read, at a good pace,interesting old fashioned mystery, Loved it!


great reader and story!!


I picked this book after listening to the intro. I really liked the narrators voice and enjoyed the way she was reading. Very good book, would definitely recommend it.


the reader does the narration so well. And the story is good too