Red Flower: Poems Written in War Time cover

Red Flower: Poems Written in War Time

Henry van Dyke (1852-1933)

1. The Red Flower
2. A Scrap of Paper
3. Stand Fast
4. Lights Out
5. Remarks about Kings
6. War-Music
7. Might and Right
8. The Price of Peace
9. Storm Music
10. The Bells of Malines
11. The Name of France
12. Jeanne D'Arc Returns
13. The Heavenly Hills of Holland
14. The Proud Lady
15. Flood-Tide of Flowers
16. America's Prosperity
17. The Glory of Ships
18. Mare Liberum
19. 'Liberty Enlightening the World'
20. The Oxford Thrushes
21. Homeward Bound

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    These are verses that came to me in this dreadful war time amid the cares and labors of a heavy task. Two of the poems, "A Scrap of Paper" and "Stand Fast," were written in 1914 and bore the signature Civis Americanus—the use of my own name at the time being impossible. Two others, "Lights Out" and "Remarks about Kings," were read for me by Robert Underwood Johnson at the meeting of the American Academy in Boston, November, 1915, at which I was unable to be present. The rest of the verses were printed after I had resigned my diplomatic post and was free to say what I thought and felt, without reserve. The "Interludes in Holland" are thoughts of the peaceful things that will abide for all the world after we have won this war against war. SYLVANORA, October 1, 1917.