Randolphs cover


Pansy (1841-1930)

1. Whatsoever
2. Practising
3. Subsoiling
4. Planning a Siege
5. Getting Ready
6. Beginnings
7. Wise as a Serpent
8. Tom and Peter Talk Things Over
9. A Perplexed Evening
10. The Bewilderment Deepens
11. A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
12. A Crisis
13. Invitations
14. Turning the Tables
15. "To Be, or Not to Be?"
16. Alfred Parks on Examination
17. "Good-Bye"
18. A Confidential Ride
19. Work that Maria Can Do
20. Unequal to the Emergency
21. Waiting for Something to Happen
22. Home Missions
23. Once and Again
24. The Next Thing
25. Signs--Not Understood
26. Emergencies
27. What Maria Did Next
28. Facing Results
29. The Last of the Randolphs

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The Randolphs is the sequel to Household Puzzles, and opens shortly after the previous book ends. It follows the "leadings of the Randolph family", as Tom puts it in the last chapter. Helen's discontent with life, Grace's ill-matched engagement, and Maria's self-sufficiency -- how God works all of it out despite the stubbornness of the participants.