Rain-Girl cover


Herbert George Jenkins (1876-1923)

1. Chapter I - The Road to Nowhere
2. Chapter II - The Two Dragons and the Rain-Girl
3. Chapter III - Lost Days and the Doctor
4. Chapter IV - The Call of the Rain-Girl
5. Chapter V - The Search Begins
6. Chapter VI - Lord Drewitt's Perplexities
7. Chapter VII - Lady Drewitt Speaks her Mind
8. Chapter VIII - The Heiress Indisposed
9. Chapter IX - The Pursuit to Folkestone
10. Chapter X - Lord Drewitt on Marriage
11. Chapter XI - The Meeting with the Rain-Girl
12. Chapter XII - The Thirty-Nine Articles
13. Chapter XIII - A Question of Ankles
14. Chapter XIV - The Danger Line
15. Chapter XV - London and Lord Drewitt
16. Chapter XVI - The Nine Days Ended
17. Chapter XVII - Dr. Tallis Prescribes
18. Chapter XVIII - The Deluge
19. Chapter XIX - The Morning After
20. Chapter XX - Lady Drewitt's Alarm
21. Chapter XXI - Lord Drewitt: Ambassador

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    Richard Beresford has recently returned from the WW-I trenches. He feels he can't go back to his old life in the Foreign Office. Instead, he sells all his possessions (except his books), and sets off on a tramp through the countryside. On the very first day he meets a mysterious girl with enchanting grey eyes, sitting on a gate, in the rain. They inadvertently get separated before he finds out her name, but he is determined to find her again. Romantic comedy from 1919, by the author of "Patricia Brent, spinster".