Purple Flame cover

Purple Flame

Roy J. Snell (1878-1959)

1. The Mystery of the Old Dredge
2. Patsy From Kentucky
3. Marian Faces a Problem
4. The Range Robber
5. Planning a Perilous Journey
6. A Journey Well Begun
7. The Enchanted Mountain
8. Trouble for Patsy
9. Patsy Solves a Problem
10. A Startling Discovery
11. The Girl of the Purple Flame
12. Ancient Treasure
13. The Long Trail
14. Mysterious Music
15. An Old Man of the North
16. The Barrier
17. Age Serves Youth
18. The Trail of Blood
19. Passing the Rapids
20. A Message From the Air
21. Fading Hopes
22. A Fruitless Journey
23. Planning the Long Drive
24. Camp Followers
25. The Mirage
26. The Mysterious Deliverer
27. The End of the Trail

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Two years after the conclusion of "The Blue Envelope", Marian is crossing the frozen Alaskan tundra alone with three reindeer in order to greet her unknown cousin in Nome. Patsy has traveled from Kentucky. Kentucky! How will she adapt to a frigid winter in Alaska? Will the girls get along? Will the two girls manage the reindeer herd in Marian's father's absence? Who is following them? And just what is that purple flame in the old abandoned scow?