Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel cover

Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel

C. F. W. Walther (1811-1887)

1. Introduction & Theses
2. Thesis I.A
3. Thesis I.B
4. Thesis I.C
5. Thesis II.A
6. Thesis II.B
7. Thesis III.A
8. Thesis III.B
9. Thesis IV
10. Thesis V
11. Thesis VI
12. Thesis VII
13. Thesis VIII.A
14. Thesis VIII.B
15. Thesis IX.A
16. Thesis IX.B
17. Thesis IX.C
18. Thesis IX.D
19. Thesis IX.E
20. Thesis IX.F
21. Thesis X.A
22. Thesis X.B
23. Thesis XI
24. Thesis XII
25. Thesis XIII
26. Thesis XIV
27. Thesis XV.A
28. Thesis XV.B
29. Thesis XVI
30. Thesis XVII
31. Thesis XVIII
32. Thesis XIX
33. Thesis XX
34. Thesis XXI.A
35. Thesis XXI.B
36. Thesis XXII.A
37. Thesis XXII.B
38. Thesis XXIII
39. Thesis XXIV
40. Thesis XXV

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From September 12, 1884 through November 6, 1885, C.F.W. Walther delivered a series of 39 Friday evening lectures to his students at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. Unlike his doctrinal lectures during the school day, these lectures were intimate and informal. By them he intended not only to educate but to form pastors into seesorgers (healers of the soul). These lectures were first published in 1895 and have become renoun for their depth, sensitivity and insightfulness into the human heart. For well over a hundred years, generations of pastors have read and marveled at this classic presentation of Law and Gospel.