Prince and the Pauper (version 2) cover

Prince and the Pauper (version 2)

Mark Twain (1835-1910)

1. The birth of the Prince and the Pauper.
2. Tom's early life.
3. Tom's meeting with the Prince.
4. The Prince's troubles begin.
5. Tom as a patrician.
6. Tom receives instructions.
7. Tom's first royal dinner.
8. The question of the Seal.
9. The river pageant.
10. The Prince in the toils.
11. At Guildhall.
12. The Prince and his deliverer.
13. The disappearance of the Prince.
14. 'Le Roi est mort--vive le Roi.'
15. Tom as King.
16. The state dinner.
17. Foo-foo the First.
18. The Prince with the tramps.
19. The Prince with the peasants.
20. The Prince and the hermit.
21. Hendon to the rescue.
22. A victim of treachery.
23. The Prince a prisoner.
24. The escape.
25. Hendon Hall.
26. Disowned.
27. In prison.
28. The sacrifice.
29. To London.
30. Tom's progress.
31. The Recognition procession.
32. Coronation Day.
33. Edward as King.
34. CONCLUSION. Justice and Retribution.

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    One day a poor boy, Tom, gets a little too near the gates of the palace. and the guards start to beat him. However the prince himself intervenes and invites Tom into the palace. They talk about their differences in life and how very similar they both are to one another in appearance. They decide to trade clothes for a few minutes to see what it is like. Still in Tom's clothes, the Prince, Edward, leaves the room for a few minutes, and the guards mistake him for the pauper, throwing him out of the palace! Tom decides to try and act like the prince, not knowing what has happened to him. Everyone thinks the prince is ill, causing him to forget things, while the real prince struggles to survive in the streets of his own kingdom. This story is about all the adventures both have in the process.


    Bren Smith

    - Prince and Pauper

    Insightful and fun book, narrated well.


    - books

    I'm stell reading it and it 2017!!!


    - 2017

    I didn't thing i will like this but it really good!!!LOL!


    i have this book for a class reading its an awesome way to read and do homework at the same time


    I loved this book even though at some points it can be boring. I liked how there was a little history and some fiction.

    Phillip D

    I really liked this book. It's a classic "walk in my shoes for a mile, and you'll gladly take your own shoes back" type of book. It's also a bit of historical fiction and while it's heavier on the fiction than it is historical, I looked up King Edward after I read the book and he really did exist while most are already familiar with his father Henry VIII for the number and treatment of his wives.

    I enjoyed hearing this. The readers have just the right expression and the story is both interesting and amusing. Just like one would expect from Mark Twain.

    Great reading, I enjoyed it immensely.

    Compelling story that is read well.