The Practice of the Presence of God cover

The Practice of the Presence of God

Brother Lawrence (1605-1691)

1. 01 First Conversation
2. 02 Second Conversation
3. 03 Third Conversation
4. 04 Fourth Conversation
5. 05 First Letter
6. 06 Second Letter
7. 07 Third Letter
8. 08 Fourth Letter
9. 09 Fifth Letter
10. 10 Sixth Letter
11. 11 Seventh Letter
12. 12 Eighth Letter
13. 13 Ninth Letter
14. 14 Tenth Letter
15. 15 Eleventh Letter
16. 16 Twelfth Letter
17. 17 Thirteenth Letter
18. 18 Fourteenth Letter
19. 19 Fifteenth Letter

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The Practice of the Presence of God is a collection of letters and transcriptions of conversations, compiled by a disciple of Brother Lawrence. Brother Lawrence was a Carmelite monk and head cook in his monastery’s kitchens. He quickly gained an international reputation as a mystic and spiritual counselor. The Practice of the Presence records his last words of advice to his friends and disciples, as he suffered from an unnamed illness which would eventually take his life. (Description written by Kirsten Ferreri).



- Practice of the Presence of God

The book always leaves me with a sense of Wonder.

Mike W

- Great!

Very practical in today's busy world!

Mike W.

- Great!

Much needed reminder in this busy world we live in.


- Life changing

I think this is the best book in the world, second to the bible.