Pony Rider Boys in New England cover

Pony Rider Boys in New England

Frank Gee Patchin (1861-1925)

1. A Bitter Disappointment
2. Camping on the Piscataqui
3. A Joyful Reunion
4. Baiting the Honey Bees
5. New Tricks in Woodcraft
6. The Fat Boy's Revenge
7. Stampeded by an Intruder
8. An Interrupted Forage
9. Bear Steak for Breakfast
10. Blazing a Forest Trail
11. Facing New Obstacles
12. Chunky Meets a Bull Moose
13. An Exciting Day in Camp
14. Laid up by an Accident
15. A Disastrous Journey
16. Bad News From the Front
17. Chunky in a Predicament
18. The Verdict of the Court
19. Paying the Fiddler
20. 'Look Who's Here'
21. Young Woodsmen on the Trail Again
22. Lost in the Big Woods
23. An Exciting Quest
24. The Smoke Signal

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Yee-Haw! The Pony Rider Boys are on the trail again! This time the boys are doing something a little different. Instead of heading west to the wide open spaces, they are riding east to the Wilderness of Maine. But, as always, trouble finds the boys, in both the four-legged and two-legged form! Will they make it back out of the wilderness?