Poetry of St Teresa of Avila cover

Poetry of St Teresa of Avila

Saint Teresa of Avila (1515-1582)

1. Self Oblation
2. The Soul's Desire
3. The Soul's Desire, Second Version
4. The Soul's Exile
5. Self-Surrender
6. Divine Beauty
7. The Compact
8. On the Transverberation of the Saint's Heart
9. Aspirations
10. 'Soul, Thou Must Seek Thyself in Me, and Seek for Me in Thee'
11. The Dying Saint to Her Crucifix
12. Nuns of Carmel
13. The Wise Virgin
14. The Refrain of a Song for a Clothing
15. The Holocaust
16. The Bride of Christ
17. The Shepherd's Bridals
18. The Cloister
19. The Standard of the Holy Cross
20. Greeting to the Cross
21. Processional for the Feast of the Holy Cross
22. The Lamb of God
23. The Angels' Summonds to the Shepherds
24. The Shepherds at the Crib
25. Christmas Day
26. The Shepherds' Carol for the Circumcision
27. Shepherds' Carol for the Circumcision, Version 2
28. The Shepherd and the Three Kings
29. Poem to St. Andrew
30. To Saint Catherine the Martyr
31. Saint Hilarion
32. Rhymed Maxims
33. Saint Teresa's Bookmark
34. The Soul's Detachment
35. Sonnet to Jesus Crucified
36. Before the Crucifix

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    The poetry of St Teresa of Avila, recorded in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Saint's birth (March 28, 2015).