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#1 - Chapter 1 - The Piazza

Piazza Tales

Download Chapter 1 - The Piazza audio
Download Chapter 2A - Bartleby Part 1 audio
Download Chapter 2B - Bartleby Part 2 audio
Download Chapter 3A - Benito Cereno Part 1 audio
Download Chapter 3B - Benito Cereno Part 2 audio
Download Chapter 3C - Benito Cereno Part 3 audio
Download Chapter 3D - Benito Cereno Part 4 audio
Download Chapter 4 - The Lightning-Rod Man audio
Download Chapter 5-A - The Encantadas - Sketch First. The Isles at Large. audio
Download Chapter 5-B - The Encantadas - Sketch Second. Two Sides to a Tortoise audio
Download Chapter 5-C - The Encantadas - Sketch Third. Rock Rodondo audio
Download Chapter 5-D - The Encantadas - Sketch Fourth. A Pisgah View from the Rock. audio
Download Chapter 5-E - The Encantadas - Sketch Fifth. The Frigate, and the Flyaway. audio
Download Chapter 5-F - The Encantadas - Sketch Sixth. Barrington Isle and the Buccaneers. audio
Download Chapter 5-G - The Encantadas - Sketch Seventh. Charles's Isle and the Dog-King. audio
Download Chapter 5-H - The Encantadas - Sketch Eighth. Norfolk Isle and the Chola Widow. audio
Download Chapter 5-I - The Encantadas - Sketch Ninth. Hood's Isle and the Hermit Oberlus. audio
Download Chapter 5-J - The Encantadas - Sketch Tenth. Runaways, Castaways, Solitaries, Grave-stones, etc. audio
Download Chapter 6 - The Bell-Tower audio
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A collection of six short stories by American writer Herman Melville, published in May 1856. Except for the newly written title story, "The Piazza," all of the stories had appeared in Putnam's Monthly between 1853 and 1855. The collection includes what has long been regarded as three of Melville's most important achievements in the genre of short fiction, "Bartleby, the Scrivener", "Benito Cereno", and "The Encantadas", his sketches of the Galápagos Islands. (Billy Budd, arguably his greatest piece of short fiction, would remain unpublished in his lifetime.) One should note that the era's prevalent racism occasionally surfaces, as in describing blacks as "indisputable inferiors", to be found in "Benito Cereno". (Summary by John Greenman)

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