Phoenix and the Carpet (version 2) cover

Phoenix and the Carpet (version 2)

Edith Nesbit (1858-1924)

1. Chapter 1: The Egg
2. Chapter 2: The Topless Tower
3. Chapter 3: The Queen Cook
4. Chapter 4: Two Bazaars
5. Chapter 5: The Temple
6. Chapter 6: Doing Good
7. Chapter 7: Mews from Persia
8. Chapter 8: The Cats, the Cow and the Burglar
9. Chapter 9: The Burglar's Bride
10. Chapter 10: The Hole in the Carpet
11. Chapter 11: The Beginning of the End
12. Chapter 12: The End of the End

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    Five children discover a mysterious egg in their new nursery carpet - an egg which hatches into a magical talking Phoenix! The carpet is a magic one and takes them on all sorts of adventures which never quite turn out as planned...