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Pentecost of Calamity

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Nonfiction. Appalled by the savagery of World War I, Owen Wister in 1915 published an attempt to move the United States out of neutrality into joining the Allies against Germany. His aim was the quicker defeat of that nation. (Wister: โ€œthe new Trinity of German worship โ€“ the Super-man, the Super-race, and the Super-state.โ€) He was but one of many literary personages who joined in this effort. A moving quote: โ€œPerhaps nothing save calamity will teach us what Europe is thankful to have learned again โ€“ that some things are worse than war, and that you can pay too high a price for peace; but that you cannot pay too high for the finding and keeping of your own soul.โ€ (Summary by David Wales)

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