Audiobook: Obedience of a Christian Man

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Obedience of a Christian Man

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"The obedience of a Christian man" begins by contrasting the life of a true Christian to those holding high positions within the Romish Church. A scathing attack against the Popes, Cardinals and Bishops living in luxury, who also refrain from teaching Scripture and would rather attach themselves to "Doctors" who often contradict themselves. Tyndale compares these men to the statements set forth in Scripture which teach that all men will be persecuted for their faith in Christ.

He then shares his treatise on how Christians of all walks ought to conduct themselves, from servants to rulers, and all members of the household.

It was for works like this that William Tyndale would eventually be executed by strangulation and as many of his works that were found were to be burned. - Summary by David Ronald

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