Mystery of the Pinckney Draught cover

Mystery of the Pinckney Draught

Charles C. Nott (1827-1916)

1. 01 - Statement of the Case
2. 02 - The Draught in the State Department
3. 03 - The Issue of Fraud
4. 04 - Madison as a Witness
5. 05 - Madison as an Advocate
6. 06 - The Position Taken by Madison
7. 07 - The Plagiarisms
8. 08 - The Improbabilities
9. 09 - The Observations
10. 10 - The Silence of Madison
11. 11 - The Wilson and Randolph Draughts
12. 12 - The Committee's Use of the Draught
13. 13 - What Became of the Draught
14. 14 - What Pinckney Did for the Constitution
15. 15 - Conclusions on the Whole Case
16. 16 - Of Pinckney Personally
17. 17 - Mr. Charles Pinckney's Draught of a Federal Government
18. 18 - Draught of the Committee of Detail

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Charles Pinckney, member of the South Carolina legislature, Confederation Congress, U.S. Congress, and notably the Constitutional Convention of 1787, may have been regarded by some as perhaps the true author of the U.S. Constitution, although most likely James Madison would vehemently argue the point. This book investigates what may, or may not have happened to the draft of the Constitution which was drawn up by Charles Pinckney and submitted to the Constitutional Convention in May of 1787, and how (or if) it differed from the Constitution which was adopted. The questions which are delved into most deeply revolve around the following mystery: why, if, and by whom Pinckney's version of this important document was overlooked, or was it possibly destroyed intentionally (or for other reasons).Author Charles C. Nott was formerly Chief Justice of the United States Court of Claims, appointed by president Lincoln.