Mysteries of London vol. 1 part 2 cover

Mysteries of London vol. 1 part 2

George W. M. Reynolds (1814-1879)

1. Scenes in Fashionable Life
2. The Election
3. The Whippers
4. The Image, the Picture and the Statue
5. The House of Commons
6. The BlackChamber Again
7. Captain Dapper and Sir Henry Bounce
8. The Meeting
9. The Crisis
10. Count Alteroni's Fifteen Thousand Pounds
11. A Woman's Secret
12. Marion
13. The Bill A Father
14. The Revelation
15. The Mysterious Instructions
16. The Medical man
17. The Black Chamber Again
18. The Second Examination - Count Alteroni
19. A Friend in Need
20. The Old Hag
21. The Professor of Mesmerism
22. The Figurante
23. The Mysterious Letter
24. Markham's Occupations
25. The Tragedy
26. The Italian Valet
27. News from Castelcicala
28. The Home Office
29. The Forger and the Adultress
30. The Member of Parliament's Levee
31. Another New Year's Day
32. Dark Plots and Schemes
33. The Buffer's History
34. The Mysteries of the Ground Floor Rooms
35. The Widow
36. The Reverend Visitor
37. Hopes and Fears
38. A Woman's Bravery
39. The Combat
40. The Grave Digger
41. A Discovery
42. The Exhumation
43. The Stockbroker Part 1
44. The Stockbroker Part 2
45. The Effects of a Trance
46. A Scene at Mr Chichester's House
47. Viola
48. The Lovers
49. The Contents of the Package
50. The Treasure - A New Idea
51. The Rattlesnake's History Part 1
52. The Rattlesnake's History Part 2
53. The Rattlesnake
54. The Two Maidens
55. Poor Ellen
56. The Father and Daughter
57. A Change of Fortune
58. His Child
59. Aristocraic Morals
60. The Intrigues of a Demirep
61. The Reconciliation
62. The Rector of Saint David's
63. Blandishments
64. Temptation
65. The Fall
66. Mental Struggles
67. The Statue
68. An Old Friend
69. Skilligalee's History Part 1
70. Skilligalee's History Part 2
71. The Palace in the Holy Land
72. The Proposal. - Unexpected Meetings
73. The Secret Tribunal
74. Epilogue to Volume 1

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The Mysteries of London was a best-selling novel in mid-Victorian England. The first series was published in weekly instalments from 1844-46, priced at a penny each. Serialised novels sold in this way were known as Penny Dreadfuls … without any claim to literary greatness, they sought to provide ongoing entertainment for the popular audience. When first published, this book was intended for an adult audience. The crime and vice involved would have had a terrible effect on the Young Mind of the Victorian Era. However, it’s less likely to cause offence or concern now, though I don’t recommend it for younger children.