Mutiny of the Bounty and Other Narratives cover

Mutiny of the Bounty and Other Narratives

William Bligh (1754-1817)

1. Mutiny of the Bounty - Chapter I - The Voyage- Otaheite
2. Chapter II - Mutiny in the Ship
3. Chapter III - Fate of the Castaways
4. Chapter IV - Fate of the Mutineers - Colony of Pitcairn’s Island
5. Life of a Sailor Boy - Chapter I - On Board a War-Ship
6. Chapter II - Flogging - A Foreign Cruise
7. Chapter III - Captured by an American Vessel - The Horrors of War
8. Chapter IV - Sailor-life in the American Service
9. Chapter V - Falls into English Hands
10. Chapter VI - Leaves the Service - Some Eminent Seamen
11. The Sunken Treasure

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In Bligh's own words, we hear about the lead-up to the famous mutiny and what happened afterwards with the mutineers and the castaways. This work contains two additional narratives by Bligh: Life of a Sailor Boy and The Sunken Treasure.