The Middle Temple Murder cover

The Middle Temple Murder

Joseph Smith Fletcher (1863-1935)

1. 01 – The Scrap of Grey Paper
2. 02 – His First Brief
3. 03 – The Clue of the Cap
4. 04 – The Anglo-Orient Hotel
5. 05 – Spargo wishes to specialize
6. 06 – Witness to a Meeting
7. 07 – Mr. Alymore
8. 08 – The Man from the Safe Deposit
9. 09 – The Dealer in Rare Stamps
10. 10 – The Leather Box
11. 11 – Mr. Aylmore is Questioned
12. 12 – The New Witness
13. 13 – Under Suspicion
14. 14 – The Silver Ticket
15. 15 – Market Milcaster
16. 16 – The Yellow Dragon
17. 17 – Mr. Quarterpage Harks Back
18. 18 – An Old Newspaper
19. 19 – The Chamberlayne Story
20. 20 – Maitland alias Marbury
21. 21 – Arrested
22. 22 – The Blank Past
23. 23 – Miss Baylis
24. 24 – Mother Gutch
25. 25 – Revelations
26. 26 – Still Silent
27. 27 – Mr. Elphick’s Chambers
28. 28 – Of Proved Identity
29. 29 – The Closed Doors
30. 30 – Revelation
31. 31 – The Penitent Window Cleaner
32. 32 – The Contents of the Coffin
33. 33 – Forestalled
34. 34 – The Whip Hand
35. 35 – Myerst Explains
36. 36 – The Final Telegram

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Midnight. A lonely courtyard. The dead body of a stranger—a prosperous looking, well dressed, elderly man is found in Middle Temple Lane, London. This is one of England's ancient Inns of Court where barristers were traditionally apprenticed and carried on their work. Middle Temple is just a few minutes walk away from busy Fleet Street and the Thames Embankment. In the dead man's pocket is a piece of paper with the name and address of a young barrister. One of the first people to reach the crime scene is the investigative reporter, Frank Spargo, who writes for a leading London newspaper, The Watchman. Spargo is puzzled. Why would such a person be wandering about here at this hour? This extraordinary discovery draws Spargo into a labyrinthine web of intrigue, murder and crime in high places. The Middle Temple Murder by Joseph Smith Fletcher was first published in 1919 and is a great example of the classical English detective story. Joseph Smith Fletcher initially embarked on a career in law but soon switched to journalism. He was also a gifted poet and his first published work was a book of poetry. He went on to write some very notable books of historical fiction and history. This led to his becoming a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. However, he turned to writing mysteries in 1914, the era which is considered the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. He wrote more than 100 detective novels which were extremely well received and gave him good financial returns. Fletcher's style may seem a little dated, and since it was written more than a century ago, there are elements which may seem politically incorrect to us, but he manages to create a sinister atmosphere and keeps you guessing till the end. Being the work of a writer of history, The Middle Temple Murder is also full of interesting nuggets of information and ambiance that evoke the London of the early 1900s. It is also an early example of the “procedural” crime story, where the facts become available to the reader in a logical sequence yet the identity of the criminal is kept hidden. If you enjoy the vintage mystery story full of atmosphere and one that presents a nice little puzzle, The Middle Temple Murder is certainly a great choice!



- Middle Temple Murder

Excellent story with plenty of twists. Be very careful if listening with earbuds as some of the readers fluctuate their voice volumes to extremes.


- Middle temple murder

Good book exciting from start to end, many readers but understandable at least to my ears. Well written.


- Middle Temple Murder

The story was good but because some one changes the reader each chapter it makes it less intriguing.The book was pretty good!

Linda - 12 June, 2017

- Middle Temple Murder

A good story spoilt by the poor quality of the multiple readers.


- Middle Temple Murder

Engaging and well written story, however the telling leaves a little to be desired.


- Middle Temple Murder

Captivating and most enjoyable story presented in an unusual but acceptable format. Well worth your attention.


- The middle temple murder

Enjoyed the story, even with some bad readers.


- Middle Temple Murder

The story is very good and the only reason that you would bother putting up with some of the really poor recordings and readers.


- Review

I enjoyed this book. Very suspenseful and we'll written. Each chapter has someone new reading it and that takes away from the story a bit. But all in all very good.


- Good Story

A great mystery with good characters. Well read for the most part, a pity as the story becomes more intense, some of the chapters are harder to understand, poor recording quality... hang in there, it improves. Very good tale.