The Middle of Things cover

The Middle of Things

Joseph Smith Fletcher (1863-1935)

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If you're in the mood for a cracking good classic murder mystery, The Middle of Things by JS Fletcher will certainly come up to expectations! Richard Viner is your average man on the street who stumbles upon a dead body in a dimly lit alley while taking his usual nightly stroll. When the police arrive, they conclude that this is a case of a robbery gone wrong, as the dead man's valuables are missing. However, as the case progresses, Viner discovers to his consternation, that the prime accused in the case is an old school-mate who is caught pawning items of jewelry belonging to the dead man. What makes it worse is that the school-mate is down and out these days and certainly needs the money. Viner decides to investigate and discover the truth. Written in 1922, The Middle of Things is one of the more than 100 whodunits penned by the prolific writer Joseph Smith Fletcher, a British journalist. His body of work consists of more than two hundred novels in many different genres including historical fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Writing in what is now termed the Golden Age of Detective Fiction, popular in the 1920s and 30s, it included Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, John Dickson Carr, Ellery Queen, Dashiell Hammett Dorothy L Sayers, Raymond Chandler and many others. In 1929, Ronald Knox a popular mystery writer, codified the Ten Commandments of Detective Fiction and many of the Golden Age writers' works conform to these rules. The stories were essentially puzzles and not meant to be realistic portrayals of crime and criminals. The Middle of Things has a host of interesting characters, including the delightful Miss Bethia Penkridge, Viner's elderly maiden aunt whose brilliant powers of deduction hide beneath a fluffy exterior. A quick, entertaining read for young and old alike!


a case where journalism surpasses literary men! here only the killer is crazy, negative character unlike the literary books where almost the protagonists are a little crazy or fancy!


- narration

a clear voice. a convincing one. one cannot hear her breath while she stops to breath.


- the middle of things

Entertaining book with many events to keep you guessing until the end. Well read and good pronunciation which helps to keep up the tension.


- The middle of things

Good story to listen to while you are stitching!


- The middle of things

Well read and twists and turns in the plot

Sue, UK

- The Middle of Things J S Fletcher

What a lovely reading, her voice is very pleasing and she has good breath control I don't know the accent but good job, thank you. Wonder if Murder She Wrote JB Fletcher picked name from this author...


- The Middle of things

A good story that gave even more pleasure as I was wrong in figuring 'who done it'. Another pleasurable aspect about this recording is that it is read by only one reader. The reader has a quiet feminine voice that is very pleasing to the ear.


- Good tale

A good story and well read.