The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood cover

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Howard Pyle (1853-1911)

1. 01 – How Robin Hood Came to be an Outlaw
2. 02 – Robin Hood and the Tinker
3. 03 – The Shooting Match at Nottingham Town
4. 04 – Will Stutely Rescued by His Companions
5. 05 – Robin Hood Turns Butcher
6. 06 – Little John Goes to Nottingham Fair
7. 07 – How Little John Lived at the Sheriff’s
8. 08 – Little John and the Tanner of Blyth
9. 09 – Robin Hood and Will Scarlet
10. 10 – The Adventure with Midge the Miller’s Son
11. 11 – Robin Hood and Allan a Dale
12. 12 – Robin Hood Seeks the Curtal Friar
13. 13 – Robin Hood Compasses a Marriage
14. 14 – Robin Hood Aids a Sorrowful Knight
15. 15 – How Sir Richard of the Lea Paid His Debts
16. 16 – Little John Turns Barefoot Friar
17. 17 – Robin Hood Turns Beggar
18. 18 – Robin Shoots Before Queen Eleanor
19. 19 – The Chase of Robin Hood
20. 20 – Robin Hood and Guy of Guisborne
21. 21 – King Richard Comes to Sherwood Forest
22. 22 – Epilogue

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A modern day legend, Robin Hood is an archetypal hero of the common people who goes to great lengths to famously take from the rich and give to the poor. Luckily he is not alone in his mission, as his righteous views are shared by his band of Merry Men, a group of yeomen, and together they pursue an end to injustice and oppression. Set in medieval England, the tale begins with the introduction of a young archer, who is provoked into conflict and committing a crime against the formidable Sherriff of Nottingham and is immediately dubbed an outlaw. Whilst fleeing from retribution, Robin finds himself hiding out in Sherwood Forest where he meets a lively group of characters, each having their own story to be told. Thereupon, the adventures of Robin Hood, his right-hand Little John, Friar Tuck, the cunning Tinker and the other Merry Men have begun. In a clash against the self-centered Sheriff and his adherents, Robin and his men must figure out a way to help the peasants from mistreatment by the wealthy, and clear their names at the same time. Pyle has successfully recreated a medieval world by piecing together bits and pieces from old ballads and folklore, not excluding the noteworthy archery contests, a beautiful damsel in distress, battles of honor and furthermore adding his own touch to the excitement. Pyle most definitely outdoes himself as he illustrates an impeccable representation of the legendary adventures of the free spirited Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. Being one of the first cohesive books about Robin Hood, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, is the most prominent version recognized by international audiences and a source for cinema adaptations. Filled with action, disguises and humor, the book does not leave anybody indifferent and it is no surprise that it has remained a household favorite throughout generations.


Jackson Geu

- Readers

The reader sounded very weird.


- Readers

Great book but some of the readers sounded like mountain man/duckdynasty.


- Readers

While I enjoyed the book, I didn't think the readers where the right fit for the mood of the book. While I appreciate the time they took to do this, better choices could have been made in this area. Several of the Readers were excellent-- full of energy and emotion, a perfect fit for the mood of the story. Others, however, sounded dry and monotone throughout the whole section.


- Entertaining

I don't remembered being bothered by the readers. I think on the whole they were good, and I'm always grateful for the time they spend doing this. I am probably just much too old for this story, although in general I do enjoy children's books. However, these stories are just so predictable and formulaic, it gets old after awhile. Overall, I did enjoy the book, and there are some funny and clever moments, but it wasn't terribly compelling.


- Robin Hood

Enjoyed the story, but not the variety of readers so much, some readers sounded like a tin can.