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#1 - Historical Preface: The Sandalwood Box

Man with the Black Feather

Download Historical Preface: The Sandalwood Box audio
Download M. Theophrastus Longuet Desires To Improve His Mind and Visits Historical Monuments audio
Download Theophrastus Longuet Bursts Into Song audio
Download Adolphe Lecamus Is Flabbergasted but Frank audio
Download Theophrastus Shows the Black Feather audio
Download Strange Position of a Little Violet Cat audio
Download The Explanation of the Strange Attitude of a Little Violet Cat audio
Download Theophrastus Maintains That He Did Not Die On the Place de Gréve audio
Download The House of Strange Words audio
Download The Cure That Missed audio
Download The Operation Begins audio
Download The Operation Ends audio
Download The Drawbacks of Psychic Surgery audio
Download Theophrastus Begins To Take An Interest In Things audio
Download The Story of the Calf audio
Download The Strange Behaviour of an Express Train audio
Download The Earless Man With His Head Out of the Window audio
Download In Which the Catastrophe Which Appears On the Point of Being Explained, Grows Yet More Inexplicable audio
Download The Melodious Bricklayer audio
Download The Solution in the Catacombs audio
Download Mifroid Takes the Lead audio
Download M. Longuet Fishes in the Catacombs audio
Download M. Mifroid Parts from Theophrastus audio
Download Theophrastus Goes Into Eternal Exile audio
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Theophrastus Longuet is a retired manufacturer of rubber stamps in Paris. He now spends his days relaxing, safe from life’s vicissitudes. with his lovely wife Marceline and long time friend M. Lecamus. However into every life a little rain must fall and it becomes apparent that a perfect storm is about to arrive in the lives of our tranquil threesome. The malevolent spirit of a murdering brigand named Cartouche, who was executed in Paris in 1721, is about to disrupt their perfect lives, in a way that will change them all forever. Not even the enigmatic Mage, M. Eliphas de Saint-Elme de Taillebourg de la Nox, in his mysterious underground crypt, may be enough to save them all. (Summary by afinevoice)

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