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The success of “The Magistrate” was immediate, and the Court Theatre was crowded night after night for more than a year, the play being presented over 300 times. So prosperous was the run that there was no cessation during the Summer holiday season. This success, however, was not confined to London, for three companies were soon carrying the play triumphantly over the English provinces, while in September 1885 Mr. Pinero went to New York to produce his work.

How can you resist a comedy whose acts are labeled Act 1: The Family Skeleton; Act 2: It Leaves Its Cupboard; and Act 3: It Crumbles? - Summary by (Introduction, ToddHW)

Cast list:
Mr Posket (Magistrate of the Mulberry Street Police Court): Larry Wilson
Agatha Posket: Sonia
Cis Farringdon (her Son): Tomas Peter
Charlotte Verrinder (her Sister): Leanne Yau
Colonel Lukyn: Son of the Exiles
Captain Horace Vale: Nick Bulka
Beatie Tomlinson: Availle
Mr. Bullamy (Magistrate of the Mulberry Street Police Court): alanmapstone
Achille Blond: ToddHW
Isidore: VivianWeaver
Mr. Wormington: VivianWeaver
Inspector Messiter (Metropolitan Police): TriciaG
Serjeant Lugg (Metropolitan Police): Mike Harris
Constable Harris (Metropolitan Police): Sandra Schmit
Wyke: Beth Thomas
Popham: Amy Deuchler
Stage Directions: Linette Geisel
Edited By:  ToddHW

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