Audiobook: Magical Mimics in Oz

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Magical Mimics in Oz

1 - Toto Carries a Message


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The land of OZ is the happiest fairyland anywhere, but there are evil creatures whose only ambition is to destroy that happiness. Lurking inside Mount Illuso, just south of the Deadly Desert, live the Magic Mimics, a race devoted to causing the maximum chaos and unhappiness everywhere, but mainly in the land of OZ. Until now they have been kept at bay by a spell, but when Princess Ozma leaves OZ for 3 days, their foul machinians are quicly put into play. Princess Dorothy is left in chage of OZ and must deal with these happiness crushing beings. Can she do it? Will Toto help? You bet!!! Listen to this rip snorting adventure in oz and enjoy all of your old friends again. .

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