Lucky Piece: A Story of the North Woods cover

Lucky Piece: A Story of the North Woods

Albert Bigelow Paine (1861-1937)

1. Prologue - But Paladins Ride Far Between
2. Out In the Blowy Wet Weather
3. The Deep Woods of Enchantment
4. A Brief Lecture and Some Introductions
5. A Flower on a Mountain Top
6. In the Devil's Garden
7. The Path That Leads Back to Boyhood
8. What Came Out of the Mist
9. A Shelter in the Forest
10. The Hermit's Story
11. During the Absence of Constance
12. Constance Returns and Hears a Story
13. What the Small Woman in Black Saw
14. What Miss Carroway Did
15. Edith and Frank
16. The Lucky Piece - Epilogue

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While riding a stage back to the city late in the summer, a youngster had no money to spend, and so gives his lucky piece as payment to a young girl selling berries by the roadside. As time passes, in the Adirondack mountains of northern New York state, a tale unfolds involving two young women, two young men, and a bevy of characters the likes of which lend to a series of events which make up a fascinating story. Constance was one not to be controlled, she was a free spirit, as in fairy tales, wont to follow the moment rather than ideas presented to her by others. Frank came from a well to do family who expected nothing but success from their offspring. Robin appeared of suspicious origin, but was noble in nature, while Edith Morrison was quite well known at the Lodge in the mountains where the tale takes place. There are love stories, mushrooms, close and distant relationships, and life in the Adirondacks in this story which revolves around the lucky piece which once served as payment for a hatful of berries. (Roger Melin)