Lost World (version 3) cover

Lost World (version 3)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)

1. Ch. 1 - There Are Heroisms All Round Us; Ch. 2 - Try Your Luck with Professor Challenger
2. Ch. 3 - He is a Perfectly Impossible Person; Ch. 4 - It's Just the very Biggest Thing in the World
3. Ch. 5 - Question!
4. Ch. 6 - I was the Flail of the Lord; Ch 7 - Tomorrow we Disappear into the Unknown
5. Ch. 8 - The Outlying Pickets of the New World
6. Ch. 9 - Who could have Foreseen it?
7. Ch. 10 - The Most Wonderful Things have Happened
8. Ch. 11 - For once I was the Hero
9. Ch. 12 - It was Dreadful in the Forest
10. Ch. 13 - A Sight which I shall Never Forget
11. Ch. 14 - Those Were the Real Conquests
12. Ch. 15 - Our Eyes have seen Great Wonders
13. Ch. 16 - A Procession! A Procession!

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    The Lost World is a novel released in 1912 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about an expedition to a plateau in the Amazon basin in Brazil that encountered prehistoric animals. It has been the inspiration for subsequent fiction, including Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park.



    - Story/Reader

    an amazing, entertaining story and a GREAT reader. thank you and i definitely recommend it

    james millward

    - The lost world

    absolutely fantastic story so wonderfully read. Thank you


    Good reader and entertaining story. Amazing to think that people really think man was ever anything but man! Professing themselves to be wise they became fools!

    Linda - UK 14 July, 2017

    - The Lost World

    Great story and the reader was excellent.


    - Reader

    This is an excellent reader. This is the second or third book that I have listened to him, and he keeps my attention the whole time!


    - Great

    Great story and read


    - The Lost World

    This is a great book that has stood the stand of time. The reader was an excellent reader. Made it that much more enjoyable to read. Thank you.


    - The Lost World

    Great fun, well written, with humor ...great reader !


    This was an ok book, narrated well.

    Von Rite

    - The lost world

    Great read,. Note for end "just like a woman."