Lost Princess of Oz (version 2) cover

Lost Princess of Oz (version 2)

L. Frank Baum (1856-1919)

1. A Terrible Loss
2. The Troubles of Glinda the Good
3. The Robbery of Cayke the Cookie Cook
4. Among the Winkies
5. Ozma's Friends Are Perplexed
6. The Search Party
7. The Merry-Go-Round Mountains
8. The Mysterious City
9. The High Coco-Lorum of Thi
10. Toto Loses Something
11. Button-Bright Loses Himself
12. The Czarover of Herku
13. The Truth Pond
14. The Unhappy Ferryman
15. The Big Lavender Bear
16. The Little Pink Bear
17. The Meeting
18. Ugu the Shoemaker
19. The Conference
20. More Surprises
21. Magic Against Magic
22. In the Wicker Castle
23. The Defiance of Ugu the Shoemaker
24. The Little Pink Bear Speaks Truly
25. Ozma of Oz
26. Dorothy Forgives

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    Oh My Goodness !!! Princess Ozma is missing and no one can find her. The whole kingdom of OZ is upset and our heroes must set out to brave many dangers and adventures to search for their beloved girl ruler. When Princess Ozma mysteriously disappears, four search parties are sent out, one for each of Oz's four countries. Most of this delightful book covers Dorothy and the Wizard's efforts to find her. Meanwhile, Cayke the Cookie Chef discovers that her magic dishpan (on which she bakes her famous cookies) has been stolen. Along with the Frogman, they leave their mountain in Winkie Country to find the pan.



    - oz

    i love it when mark reads


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    I love when Mark is the narrator! He is one of the best. Very good.


    - oz

    Love it