Little Match Girl cover

Little Match Girl

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)

1. The Little Match Girl
2. The Swineherd
3. The Real Princess
4. The Leap-Frog
5. The Elderbush
6. The Bell
7. The Old House

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    This is a recording of seven immortal and delightful fairy tales written by Hans Christian Andersen. The Little Match Girl is of course the first, followed by The Swineherd, The Real Princess, The Leap Frog, The Elderbush, The Bell and finally, The Old House. They cover a wide range of topics but all demonstrate the storytelling genius of the prolific Danish author who gave us so many memorable and cherished tales.



    - andersen's fairy tales

    it very good


    - nehemiah

    this is so funny


    - oops

    evil ideas or how to trick big people, but so many idea tales.

    Sudha Thomas

    - Reading speed and modulation

    The reading is very fast. Telling a story and voice modulations are a skill. Many readings seem to be missing this. Difficult for children to follow and does not capture attention.


    - Nice presentation

    The best readers are for The Fir Tree and the Snow Queen. It really is skill + voice that makes the story come alive. Anderson always breaks the heart with his characters and their sad experiences! I know this will be a resource for my library.

    Most volunteers need to read more slowly for children's books. Some readers should not be reading at all, since they have little expression.


    - Review

    This was not an exciting book to listen to but it was nice. Such a different world back then. Narrations were good.


    - Could be better

    Some of the stories are read better than others with different narrators. When they are read so dull, like some of the stories I would not advice to play it to children, for adults it seems okay when you’re concentrated. About the author I think most of his stories don’t have a happy ending thus the book is quite sad. From all the stories just a few are really good, like the little match girl, emperors new clothes or the fir tree.

    - good book

    Good book but needs more stories.

    Sheri Chee

    - Andersen's Fairy Tale

    The voice is so sad and depressing in chapter 2. I will not let my children listen to this audio. Such an interesting story being told in such a sad and monotonous tone.