Legend of Sleepy Hollow (version 3) cover

Legend of Sleepy Hollow (version 3)

Washington Irving (1783-1859)

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    Everyone knows the story of the Headless Horseman but perhaps you, like me, did not remember what a marvelous story teller Washington Irving was. He observed human nature closely and like any good humorist, lets us laugh at our own silly and superstitious sides through the joy of having strangers be the ones to display them. If you, like me, have only vague and muddy memories of this story, you owe it to yourself to listen and laugh along with the rest of the world. My High School English teacher who could never interest me in 'literature', would be proud.


    Amazing short story

    The narrator was great, perfect tone for this kind of story. Listened to it all the way through and it had my full attention the whole time.


    Loved the book and the narrator! Perfect short story for an autumn evening!


    - The legend of sleepy hollow

    When I first heard this it pecked my interest.


    - The legend of sleepy hollow

    I was delighted to hear this reader again! As an aussie I had heard of this book, but was surprised how short it was!


    Very well read! I love this reader. His voice is perfect for this kind of story

    why does he sound like Alfred Pennyworth LMAO #batmanservant


    - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    A good short story classic, worth revisiting, very well and appropriately narrated.


    - excellent

    The reader was wonderful. Absolutely no problem understanding him. Nice, relaxing story...short story.


    Very well read! I love this reader. His voice is perfect for this kind of story! He is clear and easy to understand.


    - Sleepy indeed!

    The story is great but I've never gotten through it all. Without fail I fall asleep during it. So when I was sick and had insomnia for days I went and put on sleepy hollow and sure enough.., it lived up to it's name! It's a great bedtime story and I do love his voice even if it is unusual. It's a good fit for the story and he's a great audiobook reader. It's just he lulls me to sleep! Sometimes that's exactly what I need though