Latch Key of My Bookhouse cover

Latch Key of My Bookhouse

Olive Beaupre Miller (1883-1968)

1. Aesop
2. Louisa May Alcott and Raymond MacDonald Alden
3. Thomas Bailey Aldrich, William Almingham and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
4. Hans Christian Andersen and Peter Christen Asbjornsen
5. Josephine Bacon, Caroline Sherwin Bailey, and P.T. Barnum
6. Clara Bates, Henry Bennett, Bjornsterne Bjornson, William Blake and Abby Brown
7. Frances Browne, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning
8. William Bryant, Gelett Burgess, Thornton Burgess, and Robert Burns
9. John Burroughs through Arthur Chapman
10. Geoffrey Chaucer through Charles Dickens
11. Emily Dickinson through Juliana Ewing
12. Jean Henri Fabre and Georgene Faulkner
13. Eugene Field through Kenneth Grahame
14. Kate Greenaway through Elizabeth Harrison
15. Nathaniel Hawthorne through Jean Ingelow
16. Washington Irving through Joyce Kilmer
17. Charles Kingsley through George MacDonald
18. Walter de La Mare through James Whitcomb Riley
19. Theodore Roosevelt
20. John Ruskin through Salomon de La Selva
21. William Shakespeare
22. Percy Shelley through Israel Zangwill
23. The Interesting History of Old Mother Goose
24. The Origin of the Folk Tales
25. What is a Myth?
26. The World's Great Epics
27. How to Judge Stories for Children

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This is the final book in a six volume set of the "My Bookhouse" books. This final title in the series leaves off the format of the previous volumes and is geared towards the parent or teacher. The major part of the books deals with short biographies of the authors whose works appeared in the previous five volumes. Then follow several interesting sections, some of which include: the History of Mother Goose, The World's Great Epics, and How to Judge Stories for Children. For the several indexes included in the second half of the book, including a historical index, a geographical index and others, please see the online text linked below.