The Land that Time Forgot cover

The Land that Time Forgot

Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950)

1. 01 – Chapter 1
2. 02 – Chapter 2
3. 03 – Chapter 3
4. 04 – Chapter 4
5. 05 – Chapter 5
6. 06 – Chapter 6
7. 07 – Chapter 7
8. 08 – Chapter 8
9. 09 – Chapter 9
10. 10 – Chapter 10

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Off the coast of Greenland, a man finds a floating thermos bottle. Wedged tightly inside is a sheaf of papers covered with minute handwriting. As he begins to read, a fantastic tale begins to unwind. The writer, on his way to a WWI battlefield was shipwrecked and his entire regiment except for a woman and his faithful dog are killed. The three are rescued by a passing British tug, but fall prey to the schemes of a German spy aboard. They are then captured by the crew of a German U-boat. After many near mishaps, they sail towards Greenland. Stranded, with fuel in short supply, they spot an island that seems washed by a warm-water current. As they sail closer, they spot a decomposing human body. Nevertheless, they decide to disembark. An amazing world greets them – filled with lush tropical vegetation, giant reptiles, exotic species and most frightening of all, a race of sub-human Neanderthals.... First published as a three-part serial in The Blue Book magazine in 1918, The Land that Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs is the first in his Caspak Trilogy. These stories are located in the fictitious island of Caprona, which is called Caspak in the native language of its inhabitants. Similar to the “lost world” novels of Arthur Conan Doyle and Jules Verne, the book would certainly appeal to modern-day Jurassic Park enthusiasts. Burroughs, best known for his Tarzan series undeservedly earned the reputation of being a “pulp-fiction writer” although his books are well-researched and explore the dimensions of their characters. For this trilogy, he researched prehistoric studies, geography, biology and human development. The book has been adapted very successfully for film and has also been released in graphic/animation form, to be enjoyed by generations of readers and viewers. A racy thriller, filled with excitement, adventure and fantasy for all ages!



- Better than Expected

Never heard of this book before. Turns out to be a great book


- The land that time forgot.

An enjoyable book, spoiled only by the narrator's laughable attempts at 'accents'. Germans that sound like "Swedes" on Family Guy, and an Irishman that sounds like a Cornishman with a speech impediment doing a bad impersonation of Scotty on Star Trek...

Von Rite

- The Land that Time Forgot

Couldn't get into this book, but loved the movie.


- Very good

Watched this as a movie on SYFY.


- Very Well Narrated

This is the first of a series of 3 novels. I really loved the first 2 as they are fantastically well read. The 3rd one was a struggle as the reader spoke so slowly but despite that, I really enjoyed the whole series. Great stories.