Key to the Riddle cover

Key to the Riddle

Margaret S. Comrie (1851-?)

1. The Presbytere of Ponefra
2. Castel Brianza
3. A Bargain
4. The Tryst in the Forest
5. Treasure-Trove
6. The Haunted Cavern
7. Little Man Christophe
8. Heloise de Castelane
9. Monsieur de Rohan
10. In the Salon
11. Milton Versus Dante
12. Confidences
13. Christophe's First Walk
14. Man Proposes, But--
15. Never
16. Unlocking the Riddle
17. The Exorcists of the Bois Suaire
18. A Fool and His Folly
19. The Prisoner in the Velvet Mask
20. Waiting
21. Mondovi the Black
22. A Broken Vow
23. The Screech of the Death-Owl
24. The Spirit of the Bois Suaire
25. In the Bethel Cavern
26. A Debtor Released
27. The Mark of the Red Arrow
28. Led Forth by the Right Way

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Young Azerole Montoux and her brother Leon find themselves separated from their family by the religious persecutions of 1686. Threatened by the authorities and forced to depend on strangers, they must decide whether they can trust God to make sense out of the riddle of their lives.