The Key of Gold: 23 Czech Folk Tales cover

The Key of Gold: 23 Czech Folk Tales

Unknown (b. 1883)

1. Introduction
2. The Twelve Months
4. Boots, Cloak, and Ring
5. Silly Jura
6. Sleepy John
7. Three Doves
8. The Bear, the Eagle, and the Fish
9. Kojata
10. Shepherd Hynek
11. The Three Roses
12. The Enchanted Princess
13. The Twin Brothers
14. The Waternick
15. The Man Who Met Misery
16. Nine at a Blow
17. A Clever Lass
18. The Soldier and the Devil
19. Old Nick and Kitty
20. The Knight Bambus
21. Francis and Martin
22. Witches at the Cross
23. The Witch and the Horseshoes
24. The Haunted Mill

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Not your common fairy tales, this collection is a mixture of morals, quirkiness, and sarcasm. In it one finds ironic derivatives (if not roots) of well known fairy tales such as “The Brave Little Taylor” and “Beauty and the Beast,” as well as some more unusual settings to impart the popular fairy tale themes of justice and happily ever after. Most stories are told with wry humor and often shocking irreverence for the expected fairy tale turn out. This is NOT a book for children, but one for adults who love fairy tales, and enjoy making fun of them.DISCLAIMER: Story 09 contains some racially offensive material in its ending. Due to the mission of reading, rather than rewriting, literature in the public domain, it has not been omitted from this anthology.