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Jade Story Book; Stories from the Orient

Download How the Birds Saved the Emperor’s Life (China) audio
Download The Faithful Rajpoot (India); The Tale of Two Merchants of Egypt and Baghdad (Persia) audio
Download Princess Moonlight (Japan) audio
Download The Fox and the Crafty Crab (China); Ingratitude (India) audio
Download The Paper Bag (Japan); Rosamond, the Swift of Foot (Oriental) audio
Download The Jackal, Deer and the Crow (India); Pigeon-King and Mouse-King (India) audio
Download He Wished to Live Forever (Japan); The Crane and the Crab (India); The Lion and the Hare (India) audio
Download The Story of Caliph Stork (Oriental) audio
Download Prince Ahmed, Part 1 (Persia) audio
Download Prince Ahmed, Part 2 (Persia) audio
Download The Widow’s Son (Mindanao); Mr. Sin, the Carp (China) audio
Download Prince Zeyn Alasnam and the Sultan of the Genii (Persia) audio
Download The Dyed Jackal (India); Why Dogs Wag Their Tails (Visayan); Prince Varna (Persia) audio
Download Empress Janqwi and the Magicians (China) audio
Download Rajah Rasalu (India) audio
Download The Four Friends (Persia); The Adventures of Juan (Tagalog) audio
Download The Feast of the Lanterns (China) audio
Download Lumawig on Earth (Igorot); In Union is Strength (China) audio
Download The Story of Bantugan (Moro) audio
Download The Pestle and Mortar of Jade (China) audio
Download The Mysterious Garden (India); Rasalu, the Fakir and the Giants (India) audio
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A collection of folklore gathered from India, China, Japan, the Philippines, and Persia. - Summary by Nicole J. LeBoeuf

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