Importance of Being Earnest (Version 4) cover

Importance of Being Earnest (Version 4)

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

1. First Act
2. Second Act
3. Third Act

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    This is a solo recording of the play, meaning that all parts including stage directions are performed by one person. LibriVox has three excellent dramatic recordings with all the parts played by different people so if that is more to your taste, please listen to them. Little needs to be said about the play itself, a sparkling example of Wilde's amazing ability to poke fun at almost everyone while making you laugh out loud at the witty sayings sprinkled throughout the acts. As to the plot, if you don't know it already, let me just say that it involves two young English men who fall madly and instantly in love with two young English.women who of course love them back mainly because their name is Earnest. Unfortunately, that is not their names and there are many bumps and crashes on the road to the happy wedding bells. I only hope I have done justice to this jewel of a play. Please listen and enjoy !



    - Beautiful! Just beautiful!

    Ow wow I’m listening to it and I love it. Smooth and funny and so cute.


    Excellent-All the voices went perfectly with there parts - really enjoyed


    the readers are brilliant, loved it sooooo much


    - Gorgeous Reading

    I love the movie of this and enjoyed the reading just as much! Each reader was quite brilliant and talented!

    Granny J

    - Funny stuff

    "A Diary of a nobody" made me laugh out loud.


    - Brilliant

    This is an excellent reading of "Earnest" although it's a shame that the reader sounds a bit like Yoda, its slightly offputting.